Wednesday, May 01, 2002

well yesterday i went to the orthopedic surgeon and got xrays done of my knee. he said it's "inflammed" and gave me meds and a brace thingy and i gotta go back in a week. whatever. today.. ah i got a 101 on my math test lol go me. and i got a 93 on that bio test. i just got home from babysitting and i gotta go to my uncles house soon to work.. fun.. oh yea and my mom bought me a louie vitton (i cant even spell it right lol) bag for my 8th grade graduation which was LAST june. lol she owed me a present. so yea that's cool :) see ya -cristen-

Monday, April 29, 2002

today i had a bio test ah it was so hard even though i studied a lot. my knee was hurting so bad today i can't wait until i go to the orthopedic tomorrow. i came home and babysat, but i'm sure walking there wasn't good for my knee. and then i tutored. the kid wasn't paying any attention and his mother was showing me pictures of brazil, which was kinda cool. this umm.. "diary" is just gonna be summaries of my day, pretty much. i have an offline journal where i write most of my thoughts and writings that i'm not yet ready to have people read. so until then, this is basically it. [[shout.out.2 - broadway babes rta - the reason i started this lol]]
.. this is a test. i'm just tryin to figure this thing out :) ..